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Interfaith Voices for Reproductive Justice

Interfaith Voices for Reproductive Justice (IVRJ) was created to build and galvanize an interfaith movement of progressive voices collectively working to construct new, progressive theological and ethical paradigms that affirm women’s moral capacity to make decisions that are in women’s own best interests, benefits their families, and contributes to the good of the broader community.
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IVRJ will educate, engage and organize people of faith at the intersection of faith and reproductive justice, bridging the gap between faith and secular activists.  IVRJ will not only work to break the silence in interfaith communities of color about issues of reproductive justice, but very intentionally work with interfaith communities of color at the intersection of religion and reproductive justice. The other component of IVRJ’s work is to design and implement collaborative strategies that people of faith can use to influence and shift policy. Building relationships with non-faith organizations and efforts to movement build in this current political climate are crucial for social justice and change. IVRJ is grounded in reproductive justice theory and strategy. IVRJ not only does reproductive justice work, but it strives to embody reproductive justice as the thread that runs throughout the organization.


IVRJ believes that fulfilling the prophetic call to end reproductive and sexual oppression in the lives of people of color and marginalized people necessitates an intentional strategy that examines the oppressive theologies that proclaim bodies as dirty and unworthy of human dignity. IVRJ further believes that, in the case of black bodies, theologies of liberation are needed that support and encourage black women’s moral agency to make decisions about their reproductive and sexual lives. IVRJ seeks to implement concrete faith-based strategies for education, activism and movement building around issues of sexual and reproductive justice.

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Interfaith Voices for Reproductive Justice 


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